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Live på Backstage/Oscars scenen 1 September 2017

Live på Backstage/Oscars scenen 1 September 2017
Inträde:250:- via Oscars.
Förköp:200:-Köp Biljett.Entré endast via Oscars som öppnar kl:21:00.

Rockbaren Backstage tar över hela huset och ROCK kommer att fylla byggnaden hela kvällen. Dörrarna mellan Backstage och Oscars öppnas och vi kommer även att använda Oscars entré,bar och scen denna kvällen.


Vi välkomnar den flerfaldigt belönade rock-exporten Smash Into Pieces som under 2016 gjort enorma framsteg så väl nationellt som internationellt med de topplisteplacerade singlarna ”Merry Go Round”, ”Higher” och nu YOLO. Den 27 januari släppte bandet sin tredje platta “RISE AND SHINE” och den 1 september gästar bandet oss I Varberg på Rock The House för ett exklusivt live-framträdande.

Music is religion
The Apocalypse Dj is the creator
The time has come to RISE AND SHINE

Like the rest of you, I was born on disaster highway. A place where you travel for a lifetime, without going nowhere. Like a big, never-ending freeway for your predestined life that doesn’t seem to have any exits.
While people around me accepted to live sadly ever after, like ants building a pile of dirt for their queen, that wasn’t enough for me. I always felt different. I always felt like I was meant for something else. I needed to rock my microphone.
I lost track of time, lost track of what was real and what was fiction. And sometimes I think I almost lost my mind, but in the end I came out on top. A brand new me was born. A recreation of my being. A remix that had developed a set of super-skills. With this power, I knew my dreams could become true. I just needed to find a group of like-minded individuals.
I searched for many years for the most devoted, the most talented and the most well hung musicans out there. I wasn’t sure how they would react to me and my powers, so I made them come together, directing them from the shadows. As the band grew, I grew with them.
With “Unbreakable” I was just a spirit in the booklet, With “The Apocalypse DJ”, my name and photo made it to the cover. With “Rise and Shine”, I’m taking my place as a superhero, DJ and drummer of the band. We are ready to let the world know what lies beyond disaster highway, and all of you are welcome to follow!

Anything standing between us and our dreams, we Smash into Pieces!
// The Apocalypse DJ


Art Nation tog form 2014 och blev redan året efter nominerade till årets genombrott i Gaffa för sitt starka debut album, samt fick nomineringen årets vackraste ballad 2015 i Aftonbladet.
Killarna fick även i Englands PowerPlay Magazine betyg 10/10 & ”Årets Bästa Album 2015” för debutalbumet ”Revolution” samt var med på listan under Underground Awards.
2016 började med ett nytt världsomfattande skivkontrakt med Sony Music / Gain.
28 April släpps album nr 2 ”Liberation” som innehåller singlarna ”The Real Me”
och ”Ghost Town”. (video släpps 31 mars!!!!!!!)

Alexander Strandell- Sång
Christoffer Borg- Gitarr
Johan Gustavsson- Gitarr
Rebecka Tholerus- Bas
Carl Tudén- Trummor

”Need You To Understand” video
“We Are Better Together” video



Smash Into Pieces + Art Nation