Primordial Flame

Live på Backstage scenen 24 Mars 2018

William Marchesini – Guitar
Patrik Prim – Vocals
Adrian Lopez – Keyboard
Alexander Engdahl – Bass
Darny D – Drums

Primordial Flame is based in Gothenburg Sweden and was formed autumn 2015 by the guitar player William Marchesini. He is the sole composer in the band. Sometimes the vocalist, Patrik Prim contributes to the lyrics. His vision is to create hard rock with influences from the classical music.

In early 2017 their debut album was released and they made several gigs around Sweden. They were nominated as the fifth best hard rock band in Gothenburg 2017 by Emergenza festivals. Singles and debut album was released digital in august 2017.

The music is very eloborated with a lot of instrumental pieces, the guitar parts changes between heavy riffs and classical tones mixed with the heavy drums from Darny D.

Alexander catches on with groovy bass runs to make the atmosphere more intense. Last but not least the great keyboard player Adrian who squeezes out amazing notes together with the great vocalist who really can hit the high notes.

When they hit the stage, they want to give the audience the best live experience as possible, both visually and musically. Because that’s what all is about.


Primordial Flame