Land Of Trees

Live på Backstage scenen 21 Juni 2018

Acoustic Thursday.
Start efter quizen ca 21:30.

The romantic simplicity of a modern Earth wanderer

In a country like Sweden, where more than half the territory is covered by forests, it’s hard not to come
into contact with nature at some point. Such an inviting environment spontaneously gives birth to wanderers, explorers of Earth who embrace a sort of nomadic lifestyle that fosters artistic inspiration.

Marcus Friman, singer/songwriter behind Land of Trees, has understood and cultivated this way of
living as a defining trait of his indie-folk solo project.

Just like sitting in the middle of the forest and letting its active stillness wrap around you, Friman’s music proposes a natural simplicity devoid of bombastic instrumental arrangements where acoustic sounds support the poetry of the vocals as the center of the listening experience.

Such an approach evokes echoes of acts like Stu Larsen, Ben Howard or Passenger.

Land Of Trees