Live på Backstage scenen 24 Augusti 2018

”From Denmark comes Killing. A band created in 2015 for one purpose only – to play metal inspired by the old school thrash metal scene.
From old Metallica, Slayer, Kreator, Overkill, Testament, Exodus and everything in between! This is pure love to those bands and Killing tries to combine alle the best elements together.
Aggression, speed, heaviness and a bit of catchiness all mixed up in a big bowl of metal!
Even though the band itself only have been around for some years, the members have all been active within the Danish scene for many years. Among some of those bands are End My Sorrow, Hell Inc, I Faderens Skygge and Shit Lord.
Killing is currently working hard to get their first EP done, and it should be out early in 2018. Expect an attack of full throttle thrash metal straight to the bone!
The band have already played a lot of shows in Denmark, and have got positive respons from the audience. Now these Danish thrashers are ready to go out there to kill everyone!”

Links to music:

”Fire Walk With Me” live at Råhuset in Copenhagen:

”Kill Everyone” live at Harders in Svendborg:

”Demonized” live at Godstival in Horsens:

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