JD Miller

Live på Backstage scenen 28 April 2018

’World War X’ was made to tell a story about a war that is ongoing. A story of good and evil, sanity
and insanity, the heavens or hells out there and how they effect our world and the way we live.
”I have an interest in understanding evil. Who is the bad guy — the vampire who kills people and
sucks their blood, or the survivalists who kill people to save their own lives? Is evil merely a
creation of people? Or is there an evil nature? Or is it in the eye of the beholder?”
– Lois Tilton

The new JD Miller record ’World War X’ sounds like the musical child bred by Eclipse and
. JD Miller is the thing if you like melodic, guitar driven rock fronted by edgy vocals and
soaring harmonies all wrapped up in modern production.
The album was created over the last 2 years during the Swedish fall and winters to create the
atmosphere. ’World War X’ was recorded at Studio Haga and Studio Berghem in Sweden by JD
Miller themselves. The album was mixed by former member Christian Svedin as he understands
the sound of JD Miller, and it was mastered by one of Swedens true audio greats in Thomas ’Plec’
Johansson at ‘The Panic Room’, in order to guarantee an awesome sounding album.
In 2014 JD Miller released their debut album ’Grand Intentions’ and also two singles ’Let it Burn’
and ’Point of No Return’.
’Let It Burn’ went straight in as a challenger on one of Sweden’s biggest rock radio stations, Bandit
Rock. The album ’Grand Intentions’ also got JD Miller acclaim by one of the biggest music
communities in the world when they became a featured artist on reverbnation.com.
Stefan Glas of Rockhard magazine in Germany gave ’Grand Intentions’ a 9 out of 10 and
mentioned JD Miller when he summed up the best from his music year in 2014:
”(9) In Sweden, JD Miller made crunchy hard rock with ’Grand Intentions’ which has an awesome

JD Miller
Peter Halldén: Vocals
Emil Eriksson: Drums
Alex Oriz: Lead & Rhythm Guitar (ReinXeed)
Eli Froejd: Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Chris David: Bass Guitar (ReinXeed)

’Devil’s Vengeance’ (single) 2011
’Bones’ (Ep) 2013
’Vision Of Sin’ (Single) 2013
’Let it Burn’ (Single) 2014
’Grand Intentions’ (Album) 2014
’Point of No Return’ (Single) 2014
’World War X’ (Album) 2017

JD Miller