Budderside (USA)

Live på Backstage scenen 5 Augusti 2018

Special Rock & Roll Summer Sunday @Backstage :)

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20:00 Budderside
Inträde:50:- (förköp på Backstage)

Doused in the (street) waters of Los Angeles, California, Budderside are fronted by Patrick Stone, who was with Adler’s Appetite before realizing the ultimate dream of his own band and singing his own songs to the world. Enter Michael “The Stoneman” Stone on bass, Rich Sacco on drums and Colin Reid on guitar to form a rock-solid band of brothers with instantly unbreakable bonds. Budderside manager, Todd Singerman of Singerman Entertainment (Motörhead), ensured the band went into Rosewood Strat Studio with producer Paul Inder Kilmister. And the result is a searing-hot, self-titled debut album “BUDDERSIDE”, that was released last fall and was officially launched with the video for their first single “Pain”. Since, the band has released “Open Relationship’ and “Genocide”, both hit songs with incredible videos, toured Europe, played Wacken Open Air to 80K fans and now embark on a three month summer tour of the United States with L.A. Guns.
Welcome to True, Hard, Modern, High Energy rock ‘n’ roll with wings to other musical arenas… a sound where genuine raw power meets hypnotic harmonies, resulting in one of the most engaging, entertaining bands in the land: Budderside. Stone’s drive and verve come from a need to make sense of all life’s challenges –politics, sex, philosophy, rage, love, light, sound, senses- and express them all with one unifying current racing through it all – electricity, and Stone is far from encumbered by any perceived ‘limitations’ of a rock band more than he is empowered by the freedom to explore.

That seeker-spirit sees Budderside go from the thick, thumping, leather-clad rock riffery of “The Envelope” to the ska-tinted mobility of “Ska-Bra” which also features Motörhead’s Phil Campbell on guitar. There’s the bendy, grungy intoxication of “X-Girlfriend”, the big-stage orchestral grandiosity of “Can’t Wrap My Head Around You” and the thicker, space-fuzzy buzz-riff of “Open Relationship”… which all serve to say that whatever sonic broadsword Budderside want to swing, they swing with freedom and verve. Infectious, gritty, contagious and altogether dangerous, Budderside demand your fullest focus and most engaged attention.


Open Relationship-Video


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Budderside (USA)